90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘Removed and Disqualified’: Soros-Funded Loudoun County Prosecutor Removed from Criminal Case

Monday, June 20, 2022

‘Removed and Disqualified’: Soros-Funded Loudoun County Prosecutor Removed from Criminal Case

Loudoun County, Virginia, prosecutor Buta Biberaj — a George Soros-funded leftist — in an extraordinarily rare move was removed from a criminal case by a judge for “deliberately misleading the Court and the public” in an attempt to “sell” a plea deal.

Biberaj is also under fire from Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares (R), who said she “care[s] more about criminals” than communities.

Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge James Plowman, who was Biberaj’s predecessor, handed down an order removing Biberaj and her entire office from the case and has appointed the Fauquier County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office to serve as the prosecuting team instead.

“The Commonwealth is deliberately misleading the Court, and the public, in an effort to ‘sell’ the plea agreement for some reason that has yet to be explained,” Plowman wrote. “Biberaj and the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is hereby REMOVED AND DISQUALIFIED from further prosecution as counsel of record in this matter.”

Fox 5 D.C. reports the judge’s decision was one that “some seasoned attorneys and prosecutors say they have never seen in their career.”

The case at hand has to do with serial burglary suspect Kevin Enrique Valle who was arrested on five warrants — three misdemeanors for destruction of property and false identification and two felonies for burglary.

Biberaj and her team, however, sought a plea deal for Valle and apparently downplayed and even omitted important facts from the alleged burglar’s criminal past in other jurisdictions in order to push it through.

The plea agreement was written by Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Michele Burton who stated the alleged crimes took place over the course of hours — an assessment Plowman called “entirely inaccurate.”

Rather, Plowman wrote, Valle is accused of “a possible 12 burglary crime spree spanning four counties over ten days.”

According to the order, the Loudoun offenses took place May 18, 2021, but Valle is accused of three burglaries on the same day in neighboring Fairfax County, two burglaries in neighboring Fauquier County, and four burglaries in neighboring Prince William County. In addition, the defendant has been named as being part of another Loudoun County burglary on May 8.

Plowman said the prosecutor’s office presented “an overt misrepresentation by omission” to the court.

“The explanation highlights a lack of knowledge of the facts of the case or the ability to apply basic...

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