90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘We must be prepared to use nuclear weapons’

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

‘We must be prepared to use nuclear weapons’

Tough announcements by two European armies were made recently. "For credible deterrence, we need both the means and the political will to implement nuclear deterrence if necessary," said German Air Force Chief Ingo Gerhartz (56) on Friday at the Kiel International Seapowers Symposium.

In plain language: If necessary, NATO countries must be prepared to use nuclear weapons against Russia.

The German government wants to equip its Air Force with the US F-35 stealth jet. Referring to a possible Russian attack, he also said clearly: “Putin, don’t mess with us!” Because: “By 2030, the Europeans will have over 600 modern fighter jets in the Baltic Sea region. Then there are the American planes.”

Ingo Gerhartz goes nuclear against Russia. Ceremony at the Dachau concentration camp, August 2020.Wikipedia

UK top brass ignore Brexit

Appeals from Great Britain to get ready for combat were also heard. The kingdom may have to intervene again on the continent, as it did in the First and Second World Wars. “We are the generation that needs to prepare the army to fight again in Europe,” said Sir Patrick Sanders, 56, Britain’s new supreme army commander, according to The Sun.

Accordingly, Sanders has used his debut in his role as chief of staff to send a message to all his soldiers. And it was tough, because the phrase “to fight in Europe again” is a clear allusion to the Second World War. Sanders did not mention Brexit – that the UK voted to leave the EU. It is not clear why Sanders would want to defend a continent his country no longer wishes to be a part of.

The self-inflicted bloodbath in Ukraine in failing to adhere to the Minsk agreements, is shaking the world order. Is World War III imminent? It is not intended to come to that, but according to Sanders, “there is now an urgent need to forge an army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle.”

German military analyst Maximilian Terhalle (46), currently a visiting professor at the London School of Economics, warned that NATO countries must now show that they are prepared to stand up to Russia militarily: “Once again, the West, led by the USA, to flaunt its superiority in no uncertain terms.”

Terhalle advocated a robust stance in the conflict with Russia. Nuclear weapons play a crucial role in this. Only those who are willing to use nuclear weapons in an emergency can effectively...

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MMinWA said...

These idiots are out of their fucking minds.

Avraham said...

No one is afraid of WWIII anymore.

boron said...

@ MMinWA

Hey Booms said...

They really want to kill us, don't they?

P n E said...

Marching off to war in a coat and tie.

Rick said...

Exactly correct.
I'll go further; such is their madness that they must be put away, removed from office, discharged of all duties, prevented from any association, or ability to influence, or ability to communicate with any other office or person. So shall they be isolated all the days of their lives. To be implemented this very day, by lethal force as required.

Stewart said...

What has BREXIT got to do with the continent of Europe? Clearly missing is an understanding of a wish for sovereign independence. At least Texas is getting its balls back I hear.