90 Miles From Tyranny : Joe Biden Is About to Be Let Off the Hook for Mishandling Classified Docs

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Friday, September 29, 2023

Joe Biden Is About to Be Let Off the Hook for Mishandling Classified Docs

Have you forgotten about the ongoing investigation into Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents? I can understand if you did because the media hasn’t talked much about it since partisan Democrats have been indicting Donald Trump for blowing his nose. The investigation is still ongoing, and according to a report from ABC News, the investigation has been expanded significantly.

“Federal prosecutors and FBI agents from special counsel Robert Hur’s office have been interviewing witnesses for nearly nine months, targeting an expansive constellation of former aides — from high-level advisers to executive assistants and at least one White House attorney,” the network reports. “Several sources estimated that as many as 100 witnesses have already been interviewed, with interviews conducted as recently as last week and some witnesses asked to return for follow-up interviews.” Among those who were interviewed were Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Don’t get too excited. Trust me. I’ve never believed that Joe Biden would ever be treated the same way as Donald Trump, and according to the story, the investigation “has grown into a sprawling examination of Obama-era security protocols and internal White House processes.” Right there, alarm bells should be going off. The investigation may have expanded, but is it really about Joe Biden anymore, or is it about Obama administration security protocols? When you read between the lines, it sounds like the burglar is getting off the hook because the home he robbed wasn’t locked.

Oh, look, I was right.

Sources who were present for some of the interviews, including witnesses, told ABC News that authorities had apparently uncovered instances of carelessness from Biden’s vice presidency, but that — based on what was said in the interviews — it seemed to them that the improper removal of classified documents from Biden’s office when he left the White House in 2017 was more likely a mistake than a criminal act.

And there it is.
The media has long sought to put distance between Trump’s mishandling of classified documents and Joe Biden’s; however, we learned that Biden was keeping the classified documents in boxes in his garage in Wilmington, Del. while his crackhead son Hunter Biden was living there. On top of that, there is evidence that suggests that Hunter Biden had access to these documents and was using them for his business ventures. Among the classified documents found at his home were documents relating to Ukraine, and in an email to his former business partner Devon Archer, Hunter cited 22 detailed points with “research” regarding Ukraine — much of which was information he likely wouldn’t have known about had he not had access to classified information.
It sure sounds like the story is framing Biden’s possession of classified documents as innocent mistakes and sloppiness, but there is, at the very least, significant circumstantial evidence that...

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JG said...

We have a Two Tiered Justice System. Hillary got off for breaking the law having well over 25K of classified docs and a server in her home. They will never prosecute Biden or Pence for having classified docs in various unsafe locations.

They are going after Trump yet Trump has his in a safe location guarded by Secret Service and locked up. Plus Trump under the Presidential Records Act controlled the documents classification when he left office and they were automatically declassified.

Anonymous said...

This is what "above the law" looks like.