90 Miles From Tyranny : Report: Three Cases of ‘Highly Contagious Tuberculosis’ Found Among Migrants Amid Record-Breaking Surge

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Monday, September 25, 2023

Report: Three Cases of ‘Highly Contagious Tuberculosis’ Found Among Migrants Amid Record-Breaking Surge

There are three confirmed cases of tuberculosis among illegal immigrants in the El Paso sector of the Texas border, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources. Fox News reported Friday that the cases are “further complicating the already daunting task” of handling the record-shattering number of migrants arriving daily.

“I can’t overstate how difficult that makes it to mitigate these numbers when you have three cases of highly contagious tuberculosis among the migrants,” Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins reported. “You have the space, the capacity for migrants already overflowing … they have to bus them to other sectors, but you can’t when you have to mitigate and isolate and contact-trace migrants with tuberculosis,” the reporter explained.

From the Darien Gap, last May, Yon reported that he was “surrounded” by migrants with “malaria, dengue, and tuberculosis” and warned those diseases are “being imported to United States and Canada EVERY DAY.”

The Darien Gap is a dense tropical jungle that separates Colombia and Panama and has become a major migrant route to the United States.

“Dengue is called Break Bone Fever—because when you get dengue, it feels like every bone in your body is broken. Including your eyes in your head,” Yon added. “Tuberculosis is one of the deadliest diseases in human history. Malaria…is coming your way.”

Yon reported on Thursday that many of of the migrants passing through the Darien Gap are sick and several of the reporters who have been reporting from the scene have gotten sick repeatedly.

“Something’s going wrong,” Yon said, noting that he was presently suffering from a low-grade infection of some sort. “Many of these aliens are fighting each other—even killing each other and raping each other,” he added. “We don’t know who they are.” Yon called the situation a “total wartime invasion.”
Further East, the small border town of Eagle Pass, Texas (population 28,000) has been besieged by a massive influx of around 11,500 migrants in the last 10 days. In an interview with CNN Thursday, Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas blamed Joe Biden and said he has had no communication from the White House amid the overwhelming influx.

Salinas said that he declared a state of emergency after 5,000 migrants crossed over the border into the city from Piedras Negras, Mexico, and said the Biden administration has done nothing to help.

“I believe 100 percent [Biden] does, he bears some responsibility for this crisis. I haven’t heard from anybody in the administration. The president hasn’t put out a statement, the vice president, I haven’t heard from anybody,” Salinas said.

“We’re here abandoned. We’re on the border, we’re asking for help. This is...

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Drew458 said...

SSDD. Appreciate your posting this, but it's what we've known about and heard about for years and years and years. Most of us were tired of letting in the cesspit of the world under Reagan. This is all Ted Kennedy's fault, for that bill he wrote back in '64 that tipped the balance towards the scum of the world.

Immigration and asylum should be shut down for at least 2 decades. And then ALL the illegals and phony "refugees" rounded up at the point of a bayonet and thrown the @#$! out. We DO NOT owe them a trip home, just out. Let Mexico do it; as 90% of these people came in that way.

Oh, you want to come here because your country sucks? No. Stay home and fix it. Discover hygiene, discover clean water, discover sanitation, discover effective farming, discover how to overthrow and eradicated tyranny and corruption. Discover education, discover medicine. It's not like you have to go and re-invent the wheel ... assuming you already have the wheel in your country.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Ted Kennedy started all this BS, Islam was not allowed inside America until Kennedy started the change in the immigration laws. On diseases foreign nations are bringing in diseases that have not been present because of immunizations that WERE tested before going public unlike what is being distributed today. Whats worse is the STD's that antibotics cannot kill because the strain has mutated & science has not kept up on that issue.

All these welcoming immigrant illegals city's are learning that its expensive, brings crime, breaks down the structure of a city. Fools that they are.

wildman said...

whats really funny is that with industry going automated and with ai, there will be no JOBS for these grifters.

JG said...

I agree with Drew. First we need to cut the money that these people send out of the USA to foreign countries. Second we need to end all government aid to illegals and immigrants as any immigrants should be living on their own. Third any illegal should be blocked from entering and if in the country they should be hunted down and shipped out.

Last since these people are coming from Mexico the border should be closed and nothing from Mexico should be entered. All Americans should be told to leave Mexico and we should block any Americans from entering Mexico. Further we should block Mexico from anything and declare war on Mexico for the invasion.

oldvet1950 said...

It seems as if all the talk that has been ongoing for the past few years about 'turning this country around' and MAGA, is useless. Nothing has been done to change anything for the better and the only thing that will effectively change things is almost unimaginable in its required brutality and savagery. I weep for our youth.