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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Wonder Bread Story

Growing up I was an Army brat.  When my father was stationed in Germany, going to the commissary and buying the stale AAFES bread was routine everyday commissary shopping.  Then one day magic appeared on the shelves, they were filled with Wonder Bread, it was soft to the touch, fresh, that wonderful fresh bread smell filled the isles.  People were coming by and snapping up armfuls of these fresh loaves, we grabbed our own loaf.  Eating this fresh bread was a small taste of heaven.  For the next few weeks, the bread continued to sell out until people were assured of a constant supply, then people began to purchase the new bread normally.
Like most experiences there is a lesson to learn here about how people react when a shortage or perceived shortage of a commodity exists.  They hoard.  Living in Florida, whenever a pesky Hurricane is on its way, people begin to hoard.  For all you preppers, or perhaps non-preppers, this can be a lesson about the availability of essentials if a disaster or emergency were to occur.  Now go buy all the Twinkies you can find.

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