90 Miles From Tyranny : Susan Rice as Secretary of State spells disaster for Israel

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Susan Rice as Secretary of State spells disaster for Israel

Susan Rice, a mouthpiece and puppet of the Obama administration is perhaps the worst possible choice for Secretary of State. Her indefensible and miserable record at the U.N. is an indicator of what is to come.  When she is not skipping Prime Minister Netanyahu's speeches at the U.N. she skips out when crucial votes and moral support for Israel is needed.

Susan Rice as Secretary of State spells disaster for Israel.  Ms. Rice who speaks out of both sides of her mouth about Israel, lies about almost everything she says about Israel, but her actions speak the blaring truth.  Ms. Rice is a serial liar whose lying words are designed to give the corrupt U.S. media material to support the corrupt Obama administration. 
Susan Rice has a record of being trotted out to lie for the Obama administration, in the 2008 elections, she lied for Barack Obama when she denied that had pledged to meet with the leaders of hostile nations, including Iran, without preconditions and then again in 2012 when she lied to help cover up the Benghazi debacle.  The U.S. media accepts these lies and exhibits zero intellectual curiosity once any explanation from the liar in chief is made.

The ideology of Susan Rice and Barack Obama runs counter to the interests of the western world, traditional U.S. allies and modern civilization.  Under a second term for Barack Obama and Susan Rice as Secretary of State, the interests and possibly the survival of the state of Israel will be forfeit.

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