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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ugly American: Eva Longoria

As former beauty Eva Longoria quickly approaches the age that ushers in the end of a starlet's career at  40 YEARS OLD,  It is clear that her beauty is long gone and only makeup and plastic surgery can hold her together at this point.  Unable to keep a man or to have a baby, Eva will have to rely on the money she made when she was still attractive.  Hopefully her poor business acumen will not continue to drain her resources as her recent bankrupt Las Vegas venture did.
There are good things that come out of her waning career.  Perhaps she will stop jetting around on her private jet and reduce her immoral carbon footprint.  She could also sell some of her expansive mansions and perhaps downsize them to live within the means of a responsible global citizen.  As she pays outrageous electric bills to cool her mansions year round, she could consider the cost to humanity that her selfish one percenter lifestyle is costing the world community.  Eva, sell your jet and fly first class, that is how you can help the wounded earth.

More pictures of the elderly Actor with no makeup
Perhaps her selfishness that harms the planet is also harming her relationships with men. Her first wedding was to TV star Tyler Christopher in 2002 but the marriage was short lived lasting for only two years. She then started dating Basketball star Tony Parker in 2004 and 2 years later the couple got engaged .They got married in July 2007 in a civic ceremony but all was not well and the couple filed for divorced in November 2010 It was later discovered that her husband Tony Parker cheated on her with another woman. She later dated brother of Spanish actress Penelope Cruz from February 2011 to March 2012.  Pictures to the left is what Eva Longoria looks like without a professional makeup artist spending hours to make her look pretty and above is a rare un-airbrushed photo of Eva's aging skin and flabby posterior.
Currently, Mark Sanchez is using Eva's celebrity to help battle against Tim Tebow's celebrity cult status. Mark Sanchez is currently the worst ranked quarterback in the NFL, in order to compete he feels he needs a celebrity on his arm as he continues the saga of who should be the New York Jets starting quarterback.  Mark Sanchez is adeptly trying to change the choice to a red state vs blue state issue by choosing the leftist Eva Longoria.  This is the only chance Mark Sanchez has to retain his starter position, he HAS to date the aging, flabby Eva Longoria.

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