90 Miles From Tyranny : More Stuff We Can't Blame On Trump

Sunday, August 13, 2017

More Stuff We Can't Blame On Trump

Despite what lamestream media might be trying to hammer into our heads right now, the latest installment of America’s ongoing racial nightmare is simply more of number 44’s malignant ‘legacy’ rearing its ugly head. As I have documented in several past articles, he and his wife went out of their way to keep the racial pot stirred. And the froth of boiling hatred we are now experiencing, as common sense should be screaming to us all, has little to do with a paltry seven months of Donald Trump.

But if you are insisting that our nation’s current unrest is attributable to Trump I will agree with you, insofar as liberal media’s/entertainment’s using him in lathering up the mindless liberal numbskulls who get their values, history and ‘political science’ from SNL and Comedy Central.

Eight years of reawakening a racial wound that was aching to heal was what we got from Barack and Michelle

Nevertheless, whether it was blatantly inflammatory oratory at one of several black college convocations, or their never ending, determinedly racially agitating commentary following some white guy (cop or commoner) defending himself against any formidable black combatant - the Obamas never missed a trick in pointing out our differences of skin color. And their arguments for never letting that difference rest were never any deeper than that.

Eight years of reawakening a racial wound that was aching to heal was what we got from Barack and Michelle. And, worse than that, that whole senseless conflict was freshly opened and promoted to the few generations who had not been introduced to Dr. Martin Luther King while he was alive, or what had necessitated his vital ministry of arbitration and reconciliation to America.

Barely two years into Mr. Obama’s administration, I will never forget “Beat Whitey Night” that happened at the formerly, annually completely peaceful Iowa State Fair (in IOWA, for crying out loud!). ‘BWN’ was a bunch of teenage black kids running around the fairgrounds in Des Moines randomly, physically thumping white fairgoers. That night they downed two white police officers who tried to merely settle that mob after it had attacked and severely busted up one white guy’s (‘whitey’) face.

Shortly after that, and not too long after Obama’s melodrama of publicly ‘adopting’ Trayvon Martin, the ‘New Black Panthers’ (NBP) felt secure in offering a ‘dead or alive’ bounty on the white man they had declared...
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