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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The State Of The State...


  1. Modern heads of "liberal" states enthusiastically SUPPORT having their citizenry "somatized by civilizational ills such as violence, delinquency, and drugs." Every Western "leader" save for Donald Trump, Viktor Orban, Andrzej Duda, and Vladimir Putin is in the thrall of One World Government, and understands the best way to get there is to destroy the national identity through any means possible. THAT is why they screech and howl so vociferously against those brave men, and do everything they can to remove them from power by any means available, no matter how unconstitutional, illegal, or foul.

    May they soon burn in hell for eternity, along with every one of the "Law Enforcement" maggot swill who enable them.

  2. Funny this quote ended up here. Alain De Benoist is about as anti American as they come, not to be critical of you, I've read your site long enough to know where you stand, but this dude is quite a piece of work


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