90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump is right: The alt-left exists and the media ignores it

Friday, August 18, 2017

Trump is right: The alt-left exists and the media ignores it

Now that most of the political juice has been squeezed out of the events in Charlottesville, Va., the country is preparing to move on from yet another ugly incident.

Just as after Ferguson, Baltimore, San Jose, Santa Barbara and Berkeley, the immediate reaction from the usual suspects went according to script. It was a shameful display by the media and the political class.

First, the political class sprinted to the closest microphone or TV camera they could find — at a speed that would impress Usain Bolt — in order to score points. Both sides of the political class exploited the opportunity to flaunt their racial sensitivity and moral superiority. Why do they feel the need to denounce hatred and violence every time one of these incidents occurs? Because if they don’t, their opponents say their silence equates to tacit approval of what took place. It is a game of political “gotcha.”

It is telling about the self-righteousness of the political class that they would sink so low for political gain as to use an incident where one young lady lost her life and others were injured. It is reprehensible. The incident amounted to hate versus hate.

The liberal media also forges these incidents into a club to bludgeon their political adversaries. Those adversaries include President Trump, conservatives and...Read More HERE


  1. Not only does the Media ignore it, but the Republican party does so as well.

    God damn them to hell.

  2. Alt-Left = America's Taliban, useful for destroying historical monuments everywhere.


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