90 Miles From Tyranny : Paying Protesters To Destabilize the U.S.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Paying Protesters To Destabilize the U.S.

Wealthy leftists engage professional grievance hustlers to pay protesters to destabilize and destroy America. And people are standing by watching like a train wreck in slow motion, waiting for someone else to do something.

At anti-Trump protests during the election, protesters admitted they answered ads on Craigslist and were getting paid to protest Trump. The protests are largely paid for by George Soros, MoveOn.org, reclusive billionaire Jonathan Lewis, and pushed by David Brock at Media Matters for America. I’ve been writing about this for several years.

The Latest Faux Protests

Leftist Activists demanded Monday that the American Museum of Natural History in New York City take down its statue of ‘racist’ Theodore Roosevelt. Apparently “the statue is seen as an affront to all who pass it on entering the museum, but especially to African and Native Americans.”

Marching around the museum in a fit of self-righteous rage, protesters carried signs that read “BLACK LIVES MATTER,” “DECOLONIZE THIS MUSEUM,” and “ABOLISH WHITE SUPREMACY,” the Daily Wire reported.

“A stark embodiment of the white supremacy that Roosevelt himself espoused and promoted,” pontificated the group of protesters in a statement.

Denying the History of the South

Leftist activists continue to demand that southern states take down statues of Confederate figures. Some argue that Confederate war monuments shouldn’t be funded with taxpayer dollars. Others say these monuments are a part of American history, and whether it’s positive or negative history, they should be treated as such. Leftists on the other hand, have instead determined that it’s fine to...Read More HERE

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