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Friday, May 10, 2019

Jim Acosta’s Press Pass to Be Suspended Again

CNN “journalist” Jim Acosta may soon find himself on the other side of the White House fence once more.

The establishment media operative, known primarily for a series of puerile stunts at White House press conferences and his outright political activism conducted under the guise of impartial journalism, could lose his press pass in two weeks.

Acosta’s White House privileges were already revoked in November after he attempted to take over a Presidential media briefing by demanding President Trump welcome a thousands-strong migrant caravan from Central America into the country. Acosta refused to yield the microphone when his time was up, pushing back from a White House intern who arrived to retrieve it from the career liberal media flack.
Yet, a judge ruled that the CNN showman was entitled to access the White House, a ruling that meant Acosta’s press pass was temporarily restored.

The stay preventing the White House from removing Acosta is set to expire, and the Trump administration seems willing to follow through on preventing Acosta from engaging in disruptive and self-promoting behavior during White House press conferences.

Acosta’s been sent a letter confirming that his press pass will be allowed to expire after the judge’s restraining order does the same, which will take place around the end of the month.

CNN has previously stated that it’s going to seek additional rulings on the matter from progressive activist judges, hoping to enshrine a de facto constitutional right for Acosta to waste time and...

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1 comment:

Kye said...

I can't get my head around the fact that a judge has any jurisdiction over who goes to WH press conferences. How do lawyers seem to get involved in everything? Beside the fact when did a press pass become a "right" to be decided in court? There comes a time when Trump needs to just say "sorry your?honor but screw you".