90 Miles From Tyranny : WINNING: Study Says China To Pay 75% Of Higher Tariff Costs While U.S. Will See Net GAIN

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

WINNING: Study Says China To Pay 75% Of Higher Tariff Costs While U.S. Will See Net GAIN

It’s the kind of reporting you won’t find in the regular far left media because that media is dominated by Chinese ad buys. China right now is hoping that a week or two of U.S. media-driven anti-tariff stories will be enough to make President Trump backtrack on his current tariff policies.

The president is showing no signs of doing that and in fact, indicated the higher tariffs would end up HELPING the U.S. economy and not hurt it as so many left-leaning media agencies are now spinning 24/7. Guess what? A new study indicates President Trump is right yet again and the so-called experts are, once again, DEAD WRONG.

Via: GB Times:

Chinese producers bear brunt of costs from US tariffs: research

Chinese producers will end up paying three-quarters of the costs coming from import tariffs imposed by the United States, while the American economy will see a net gain, a new European study says.

President Donald Trump’s administration has this year imposed higher tariffs on US$250bn worth of Chinese imports as part of an economic and strategic offensive against China, prompting Beijing to retaliate with counter-tariffs on US$110bn of imported American goods.

China has repeatedly warned that the trade war will not benefit anyone, with some US analysts also arguing that American firms and consumers will suffer more from the tariffs.

But according to a study by EconPol Europe, a research network in the European Union, the nature of Chinese goods being taxed harder will translate into higher costs for China compared to the US.

A 25-percentage point increase in tariffs is expected to raise US consumer prices on affected Chinese products by only 4.5 percent on average, while the producer price of Chinese exporting firms declines by 20.5 percent, it found.

The higher tariffs are expected to decrease Chinese exports of...

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Doom said...

They can't win, China. Not with me. I would much rather pay more and have that force production back home than pay less. Now, if he can reduce prices and drive certain production home? Too many Americans see just how good Trump is doing. He is winning this for us. On this topic, open the doors and loose the dogs of Trump. Can't lose.