90 Miles From Tyranny : President Trump Revives National Program to Exclude Illegals from Jobs

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Monday, May 6, 2019

President Trump Revives National Program to Exclude Illegals from Jobs

President Donald Trump’s administration has quietly reactivated a computer check that warns employers when their new employees are likely to be illegal immigrants.

Democrats, however, are protesting the new push to protect American families from illegal immigrants in the nation’s job market.

The so-called “no-match” letter warns employers that their employees’ claimed Social Security Numbers are suspect — and so allows the employers to minimize their legal risks by quietly firing the employees who do not have a right to work. The program was stopped by President Barack Obama mainly because it was so effective at warning employers.

“It is a very good thing,” said Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies. She continued:

Our government knows the name, address, and place of employment of millions of illegal workers … These jobs should be for Americans and legal workers … the market would bring wages up to $15 an hour for more workers if we didn’t have so much illegal employment.

The policy should also identify the Social Security Numbers that have been stolen by illegals from...

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Doom said...

The problem is bureaucracies encourage it. More work, more hours, more union jobs and union slots. The IRS, SSD, DHS, and others just love it. Until public unions are crushed, no matter what the president, congress, or the supreme court says or does, the bureaucratic unions will do whatever the hell they want. They are what runs the country and they are anti-American.

Sherm said...

Simple fix. Change the law so that wages for unresolved mis-matches is not tax deductible.