90 Miles From Tyranny : Thugs Loyal To Maduro Decapitate Opposition Members ISIS Style

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Thugs Loyal To Maduro Decapitate Opposition Members ISIS Style

In 2014 the whole world was scandalized when several videos of the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS) showed their members beheading prisoners.

Today, in Venezuela, equally frightening events are taking place, but this time is not ISIS, but the thugs who serve Nicolas Maduro who are beheading those who oppose the regime.

During the last few days a video has spread all over social media, and via WhatsApp groups, in which two thugs loyal to the regime show the heads of two men they have just beheaded as trophies. Among laughter, while showing both heads, they say: “Look, this one and this one were supporting President Guaidó.”

Like ISIS, the intention of these groups of thugs loyal to the regime record and disseminate these terrorist acts to intimidate and send a threat to the followers of President Guaidó. They seek to sow fear among Venezuelans

The video in question is not different from videos of ISIS performing beheadings. The only difference is that the scenario is Venezuela, it has nothing to do with the Middle East and its historical problems with Muslim extremist groups, we are talking about the West, about a country that is located in the Americas, a country that in the 1960s was richer than Norway.

How far will the socialist regime and its thugs go? What else has to happen for the West to stop issuing statements about the situation in Venezuela instead of doing something about it?

While this scary video goes viral on social media, Venezuelan journalist Osmary Hernandez, a CNN En Español correspondent, reports that the tyrant Nicolás Maduro has said: “We will decapitate anyone whose head has to be cut off because...

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