90 Miles From Tyranny : Death Threats Against Page And The Dangerous Disinformation Operation Against Trump

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Death Threats Against Page And The Dangerous Disinformation Operation Against Trump

Former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page has experienced what few people have since his name was first leaked to the media alleging he was working with the Russians on behalf of President Trump’s campaign in the fall of 2016. The now debunked accusations, which were leaked to the media, led to numerous death threats against Page in both 2016 and 2017. The majority emanated from Oklahoma but there were other threats from multiple other people, who believed the American businessman and scholar was working with the Russians on behalf of Trump.

Page reported all the threats immediately to the FBI. In fact, this year Page has sent several letters to FBI Director Christopher Wray about the death threats. The first letter was sent in February and the most recent in May, asking Wray to produce the records of his interviews with the FBI special agents regarding those threats. Wray, nor anyone at the FBI, has responded to his letter, said Page, who spoke to SaraACarter.com.

“This has been a life or death situation for years,” Page told me. “In 2016 and 2017, I told Professor (Stephan) Halper about the death threats that I had experienced from Oklahoma and elsewhere. If he might have given accurate information on this and other matters to the Bureau at a time when Comey had ignored my pleas for help, perhaps that might have been a positive step toward restoring national security.” Halper is the American scholar, who worked as a professor at Cambridge University in London. He was outed last year as a the informant for the FBI that had collected information on Page, as well as Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos.

The conspiracy narrative regarding Trump, Russia and those in his in circle was later discovered to be an unsubstantiated pile of rumors, lies and unverified information. It was mainly initiated by the research conducted by the embattled research firm Fusion GPS, who spearheaded the disinformation campaign against Trump. The research firm hired former British spy and anti-Trump propagandist Christopher Steele to compile a dossier against the Trump campaign, of which the unverified information was then dribbled to the media for several years beginning in 2016. Steele and Fusion GPS, whose founder was former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson, were paid to conduct the research by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton through their...

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