90 Miles From Tyranny : Post-rally assessment from Trump supporters: ‘Electric’ event featured ‘Energizer bunny’ prez who has ‘kept his promises’

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Post-rally assessment from Trump supporters: ‘Electric’ event featured ‘Energizer bunny’ prez who has ‘kept his promises’

Supporters of President Donald Trump who were fortunate enough to attend his 2020 campaign kickoff event in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday were not disappointed, as noted in post-event interviews with Fox News.

Correspondent Lawrence Jones noted that those who attended the rally were extremely enthusiastic and had all manner of praise for a POTUS they say is not only delivering on his promises to the country but is doing so without sticking his finger in the political winds to see what’s “popular.”

“They are excited about the president, what he delivered on,” Jones told Fox Newshost and POTUS friend Sean Hannity.

One woman named Susan who was interviewed by Jones said she was enthused about the president’s promises kept and the fact that he’s a tireless champion for all Americans.

When asked what she felt was POTUS Trump’s No. 1 accomplishment she said:

This president has kept his promises to the people of the United States, whether it’s popular or not, he keeps his promise. He has more energy and that place was explosive tonight, full of enthusiasm and the man is like the Everready Bunny. God bless Donald Trump.

Jones interviewed another Trump supporter, “Mike,” an African-American who also said he was happy that the president has managed to deliver on issues “when it comes to Black America.”

“Man, honestly, as a black America, I have never seen a president do so much for our community as this president,” Mike said.

“You’re talking about lowest unemployment” for blacks, historically, “you got...

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  1. the CBS news man that covered the rally reported this morning that people had left early, and didn't stick around after the rally ended.

    well, sure, they all went home and to bed because they have jobs to be at every morning. duh


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