90 Miles From Tyranny : FBI Won’t Say Whether It’s Seen Un-Redacted Tech Documents to Draw Conclusions on DNC Hack

Saturday, June 22, 2019

FBI Won’t Say Whether It’s Seen Un-Redacted Tech Documents to Draw Conclusions on DNC Hack

The FBI would not provide a comment when asked whether it saw the un-redacted sections of three reports from the private firm CrowdStrike that served as a basis for the Obama-era intelligence agencies’ conclusion that Russian agents hacked the servers of the Democratic National Committee.

“The FBI does not have a comment to provide,” a spokesperson for the FBI Office of Public Affairs wrote in response to a Breitbart News email request on the matter.

Yesterday, this reporter documented that, according to a U.S. government filing, the Obama-era intelligence community relied on three redacted CrowdStrike reports marked as drafts to reach the Russia hack conclusion.

The U.S. government further admitted in the same lawsuit that it does not possess the un-redacted CrowdStrike reports about what allegedly happened to the DNC servers and that it relied upon DNC lawyers to generally characterize what was in the redacted sections. The revelation prompted Breitbart News to request comment on whether the FBI ever saw the un-redacted sections of the reports at all.

The admissions about the CrowdStrike reports were contained in a U.S. government court response to a motion filed by attorneys for former Trump confidante Roger Stone, seeking to compel the government to release un-redacted CrowdStrike reports about the alleged hacks — reports the government says it doesn’t possess.

The DNC famously refused to allow the FBI to access its server to verify the allegation that Russia carried out a hack during the 2016 presidential campaign. Instead, the DNC reached an arrangement with the FBI in which a third party company, CrowdStrike, conducted forensics on the server and shared details with the FBI.

As Breitbart News previously documented, CrowdStrike was financed to the tune of $100 million via a funding drive by Google Capital.

Google Capital, which now goes by the name of CapitalG, is an arm of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company. Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Alphabet, has been a staunch and active supporter of Hillary Clinton and is a longtime donor to...

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