90 Miles From Tyranny : Latinos For Trump Lost Its Event Venue After Antifa Called Them Racist

Friday, June 21, 2019

Latinos For Trump Lost Its Event Venue After Antifa Called Them Racist

Latinos for Trump is the latest organization to be targeted by Antifa.

Latinos for Trump planned to hold an educational leadership and activism conference in Woodlands, Texas this weekend, and lost their event venue after local Antifa groups labelled the Hispanic supporters of President Donald Trump as racist and the local media piled on.

The group of Hispanic Trump supporters explained to Big League Politics that they have been labelled as white supremacists who are engaged in the next red scare by the local media, and harassed by local Antifa groups.

According to Bianca Gracia, vice president of Latinos for Trump, Antifa began calling the event venue’s insurance company and complaining that violent white supremacists would be using the facility, likely resulting in violence that the insurance company would have to cover. At the same time, Houston Press released an article lambasting Latinos for Trump, and the pro-America Texans United For America group, quoting a known member of Antifa who lost his job as a professor for being too radical.

This led the insurance company to renege on its contract with Latinos for Trump, leaving the group scrambling to inform attendees of a new, undisclosed location for its leadership training, forum on human trafficking, firearm training, and social media activism seminars.

Houston Press repeatedly quoted Dr. David Michael Smith, of Houston United Front Against Fascism, in...

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