90 Miles From Tyranny : REPORT: Democrats Struggle To Attack Biden Without Damaging Obama Legacy

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

REPORT: Democrats Struggle To Attack Biden Without Damaging Obama Legacy

The far-left extremists who now control the Democrat Party don’t want Joe Biden to be the party’s presidential nominee.

They also adore Barack Obama.

So, how do they attack Biden who was so faithful to Obama for eight years without harming the (disastrous) Obama legacy?


Via The Daily Caller:
Democrats trying to bring down 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden are divided on how to criticize his vice presidential record without alienating voters still in the thrall of former President Barack Obama.

Biden has faced criticism from all sides over his work on harsh drug legislation from the 1980s and 1990s and his recent flip on the Hyde Amendment.

Some on the left want to go scorched earth and attack him for his work under Obama. Others warn that approach could alienate many Democrats and especially African-American voters. Black voters most enthusiastically support Biden, according to a June survey.

“Biden’s early advantage among African-Americans has more to do with Obama than Biden. And if you attack that, you start to alienate those voters,” Simpson continued according to Politico.

With such a wide field of Democratic candidates, strategists predict the path to the party nomination will be through coalition-building, and nostalgia for Obama can be found in nearly every coalition. For example, FiveThirtyEight predicts the party nominee will need to...

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