90 Miles From Tyranny : Hospital Exec Who Called for Trump Supporters with Coronavirus to ‘Give Up Their Ventilators’ and Die is Fired

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Hospital Exec Who Called for Trump Supporters with Coronavirus to ‘Give Up Their Ventilators’ and Die is Fired

She lost her position after her unprofessional outburst.

A Buffalo, New York hospital has fired one of their top executives after she posted on social media that she felt Trump supporters with Chinese coronavirus should “give up their ventilators” and die.

Laura Krolczyk, who formerly worked as Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center’s vice president for external affairs, was relieved of her position last week, according to the Buffalo News. Krolczyk had previously worked as a staffer for Hillary Clinton while she was an elected Senator in the Empire State.

“trump supporters need to pledge to give up their ventilators for someone else… and not go to the hospital,” she wrote in one Facebook outburst.

“they should barricade themselves in there and ride it out,” Krolczyk wrote about her desire for Republicans to gather in large numbers during the coronavirus panic.
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“Take your “wow” and comprehend what your hero is saying,” Krolczyk wrote during a vitriolic exchange with a Trump supporter. “Your leader is saying YOU don’t need a ventilator. So don’t take one.”

“Also don’t cash your stimulus check. It’s all a hoax. Chew some ibuprofen and be on with your day,” she added.

Krolczyk’s objectionable social media posts can be seen here in their full context:

Here are the workday public Facebook posts made by @RoswellPark senior executive spokesman Laura Krolczyk, former Hillary Clinton advisor, on how to assure Trump voters get COVID19.
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Hillary's former aide Laura Krolczyk deleted all her posts. But don't worry, @DocCandace @RoswellPark I've got screen shots of them. Here, your senior executive spokesman is nastily telling Facebook Trump voters to just chew on Ibuprofen.

This is the executive voice of Roswell.
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According to WGRZ-TV, the hospital released the following statement regarding their decision to terminate Krolczyk’s employment following her outburst:

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  1. Another privileged Millennial with the emotional discipline of a used condom. Too bad there's currently millions of them here in America and the Corona doesn't discriminate.

  2. Joseph Mengele was a doctor. I’m sure he had what today would be called administrators and executives.
    Pay attention to what “progressives” are saying in these times. They’re simply foreshadowing what they want to do when they gain power.

  3. So, her experience for a high-level administrative job at a world-class cancer center was that she worked for Shrillary? Figures.

  4. And you know, you can see the ignorance, and intolerance in that face.

  5. Just another CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I've seen similar explosions from Democrats on a number of boards. It usually happens after they read some fake news on the internet someplace, take it as a fact and go ballistic. What they should do, if fired, is to sue the fake news outlet. As we have seen, Trump is misquoted more than correctly quoted by the media and anyone who criminally acts on that fake information should be able to sue the clearly8 lying outlet for their damages.

  7. Like we need another example of the lefts true "tolerant and inclusive" nature. They HATE like it's the only thing they're capable of doing and then wonder why we hate them back. They should change tolerant and inclusive to the truth and call themselves the party of willful ignorance and impotent rage.

  8. Bet the bitch has a golden parachute.


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