90 Miles From Tyranny : Gun Control Orgs Panic As FBI Data Shows Historic Surge in Civilian Gun Ownership

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Gun Control Orgs Panic As FBI Data Shows Historic Surge in Civilian Gun Ownership

The FBI’s March NICS background data for march was released yesterday and it was every bit as horrific as the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex feared it would be.

The adjusted background check data quantified what we’ve all seen in the photos of Americans lining up — sometimes for hours — outside of gun stores all across the country.

As the NSSF’s Mark Oliva told us,
Retailers have been telling us that the overwhelming majority of those buying firearms over the last month have been first-time gun owners. This puts to rest America’s thoughts on gun control ideas. Americans across the country chose to exercise their right to lawfully purchase a gun when their safety became more than a rhetorical question.
Meanwhile, the gun control industry isn’t taking the news well.
American gun control advocates said they found the statistics on record-breaking numbers of firearms background checks concerning, and urged Americans to think twice before panic-buying a gun, particularly if they had never owned one before.

Concerns have also been raised about children sheltering at home in houses where they might have access to guns, as well as the risk of gun suicide, which amount to approximately two-thirds of US gun deaths each year.

“We need to prepare for the increased risk of more firearms in...

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  1. I remember one time during the Tea Party Movement days Nancy Pelosi said she was afraid she would be shot... I immediately thought: Cool. This is how it should be. "...when the government fears the people, you have liberty."

  2. those first time gun buyers have to start somewhere and are better off buying at a store front than Miguel's used gun 64 chevy trunk sale.

  3. Time to share my PERSONAL OPPOSITION to gun control.


  4. 2019 and That many people still hadn't bought a gun?


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