90 Miles From Tyranny : US jobless claims hit record 6.6 million as Chinese CoronaVirus ravages economy

Thursday, April 2, 2020

US jobless claims hit record 6.6 million as Chinese CoronaVirus ravages economy

“Today’s jobless claims report is troubling not just because it was record-breaking but also because it easily exceeded pessimistic consensus estimates.

This is disconcerting because it indicates that after a month in crisis, U.S. businesses and investors are still struggling to discern the basic contours of the economic fallout of coronavirus pandemic."

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 6.6 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, far exceeding a record high set just last week, a sign that layoffs are accelerating in the midst of the coronavirus.

The job cuts are mounting against the backdrop of economies in the United States and abroad that have almost certainly sunk into a severe recession as businesses close across the world.

The figure for last week is much higher than the previous record of 3.3 million reported for the previous week. The surging layoffs have led many economists to envision as many as 20 million lost jobs by the end of April. The unemployment rate could spike to as high as 15% this month, above the previous record of 10.8% set during a deep recession in 1982.

Many employers are slashing their payrolls to try to stay afloat because their revenue has collapsed, especially at restaurants, hotels, gyms, movie theaters and other venues that depend on face-to-face interaction. Auto sales have sunk, and factories have closed.

Stay-at-home orders, imposed by most U.S. states, have intensified pressure on...

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  1. sorry, the coronavirus isn't ravaging anything. dishonest politicians and their "experts" have played you for saps and you have gone along with it. Look up Dr. Bhakdi on Youtube.


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