90 Miles From Tyranny : Gang jailed for holding machete against 16 year old schoolgirls throat and raping her

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Gang jailed for holding machete against 16 year old schoolgirls throat and raping her

Three men who raped a 16-year-old schoolgirl after holding her against her will have been sentenced to a combined total of 45 years in prison for their sickening crimes.

Roberto French, age 22 of Gordon Road, Enfield; Abdisalam Mohamad, age 21 of College Gardens, N18; and, Hilal Mohamed, age 22 of Warwick Road, N18, were found guilty of raping the teenager following the conclusion of a trial on Thursday, 6 February at Wood Green Crown Court.

The jury further convicted Roberto French of robbery and false imprisonment against the same victim, he was sentenced to 17 years for rape, five years for robbery and 10 for false imprisonment, to run concurrently.

Abdisalam Mohamad and Hilal Mohamed were both sentenced to 14 years each, all three men were sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday, 3 April 2020.

Hilal Mohamed(Left), Abdisalam Mohamad (Middle) Roberto French (Right) 
During the heading, the court heard how the victim had travelled to London from Bristol on the 13th August 2016 where the now-convicted French robbed her in the presence of the other defendants.

French then held the victim in a residential block in Enfield against her will, and it was here that she was forced by the defendants to perform oral sex on each of them.

Once the sickening attack ordeal was over, French followed the victim as she attempted to make her escape.

French was arrested on 15 August 2016, Mohamad was arrested on 26 May 2017 and Mohamed on 12 February 2018. All were subsequently charged with their heinous crimes.

In sentencing, His Right Honourable Judge Perrins said the victim “deserves significant credit for persevering with this case as the years went by, even when it seemed nothing was happening. She has shown real inner strength and resolve in...

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