90 Miles From Tyranny : Awesome lady takes on BLM white kids of privilege

Monday, June 29, 2020

Awesome lady takes on BLM white kids of privilege

There was a protest yesterday to stop the removal of the Theodore Roosevelt statue on the steps of the Museum of Natural History. An awesome lady took on the Black Lives Matter privileged white kids yesterday.



President Theodore Roosevelt was an outstanding president and I know that because I used to do the newsletter for Sagamore Hill. He was a once-in-a-lifetime leader, a man of courage and vision. One of his numerous accomplishments was to establish our system of national parks. He studied nature, recording his findings, and contributed his valuable writings and notes on nature to the museum.

That’s why the statue in front of the Museum of Natural History, which he helped to fund, bears his statue.

It shows him as he was, gallantly astride his horse. He was the President and a warrior after all. Flanking him on each side are proud and strong people, one a Native-American, the other a Black man. He supported Black people and Native Americans. The left is calling the statue racist. Obviously, that is not the meaning of...

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  1. I thought she was gonna take pajama boy down with a right hook.

  2. 2 things to take away from this (and confirmed by other similar situations):

    1- these white democratic protesters tearing down statues are uneducated (common core grads), ignorant (can't debate, only regurgitate), foolish tools being used by people who's goals and objectives they do not understand.

    2- they will be cast aside and thrown into the gulags when this is over.

    You don't take down ststues of Thomas Jefferson or The Buffalo Soldiers to express your contempt for American's racist history (for the moment, we'll pretend thats not a unicorn, and actually does exist...) Those statues represent some of the best of humanity, and fought tirelessly to advance people of color. The people doing the act obviously don't know who those statues are of, or why they are worthy of having public displays!
    Every time they adjust the narrative, they show you their truth. These kids will be adjusted to the periphery and ultimately tossed to the flames.
    Wake up people, how do you not see it???!!!


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