90 Miles From Tyranny : Protesters Set Up 'Guillotine' In Front of Jeff Bezos's House

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Protesters Set Up 'Guillotine' In Front of Jeff Bezos's House

Demonstrators in Washington, D.C., showed up in front of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’s house on Sunday, with a mock guillotine and a sign that read “support our poor communities not our wealthy men.”

In an announcement about the march, the activists called for Amazon to be abolished.

“Amazon works directly with police to surveil us, stoking racist fears in the name of profit. Doubling down on their union busting and mistreatment of workers, Amazon fired and racially slandered labor organizer Chris Smalls. Join us to tell Jeff Bezos enough is enough!” the flyer said. “End the abuse and profiteering. Abolish the police, the prisons, and Amazon.”

DC protesters have set up a “guillotine” in protest of Jeff Bezos in front of his complex in DC
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One protester stood in front of his home with a bullhorn and said...

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  1. Looks a lot like a terroristic threat.


  2. They are turning on each other. It's like rats in a barrel, beginning to eat each other. But they don't dare come out of their barrels and meet the real wolves that await them in the countryside.

  3. If nothing was burned or demolished? They weren't there. That is just a participation involvement trophy he probably arranged.


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