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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Don't Believe The Hype...


  1. It's called herd immunity, you twit.
    When overall non symptomatic infections go up, the ability of the virus to cause harm goes down.

    1. No, the number of false positives is acknowledged by pretty much everybody. There are false negatives, too. Statisticians call these Type I and II errors. It's part of life when you do sampling, so they know how to deal with these.

    2. Herd immunity is reached when the number of asymptomatic infections reaches a point that provides weaker virus infection than the original, thereby providing immunity to those infected.
      Vaccines artificially do the same thing, but only by "infecting" (providing immunity) to the individual, making it necessary to immunize each and every individual.

      As far as testing goes, figures lie, and liars figure.


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