90 Miles From Tyranny : Time Magazine now says white superheroes such as Superman and Batman have to go

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Time Magazine now says white superheroes such as Superman and Batman have to go

It looks like we have officially gone from the crazy to the absurd.

The so-called “cancel culture” has already cost Cops and LivePD, had a 30-year-old episode of “The Golden Girls” removed because two of the characters were wearing mud masks, and went after a children’s television program called Paw Patrol.

Now, some people at Time Magazine, referred to as the “Woke Taliban” by John Nolte at Breitbart News says that make-believe superheroes, such as Batman and Superman have to go.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, with millions of people unemployed, we have criminal thugs destroying our cities, and shootings, murder and mayhem are running rampant, yet Time Magazine is concerned about superheroes. You cannot make this stuff up.

Time of course doesn’t want to eliminate ALL superheroes.

Only those who do not fit the agenda. Breitbart notes that such characters as Black Panther, Blade, and the Spider-Man stories, as long as they feature the black kid instead of Peter Parker are fine. It’s the white ones that are the issue.

Time made the following observations:
“In the past several weeks, as calls to defund the police have gone mainstream, pop culture critics and fans have been reconsidering how Hollywood heroizes cops.

Legal procedurals and shoot-em-up action movies have long presented a skewed perception of the justice system in America, in which the police are almost always positioned as the good guys.
These “good cop” narratives are rarely balanced out with stories of systemic racism in the criminal justice system. The “bad guys they pursue are often people of color, their characters undeveloped beyond their criminality.”


“With a few notable exceptions (more on those later), most superhero stories start straight, white men who either function as an extension of a broken U.S. justice system or as vigilantes without any checks on their posers.

Usually, they have some sort of tentative relationship with the government: The Avengers work for...

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  1. Time to cancel all these woke fool's MasterCard and American Express accounts as well.

  2. Does anyone except maybe Whoopi Goldberg and Joyless Ba-a-a-har actually READ Time magazine anymore?...

  3. No problem. Superman undergoes gender reassignment and Batman and Robin officially wed. Problem solved.


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