90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘We’re not gonna take this!’: Antifa goons find out quick they crashed the wrong anti-lockdown protest

Monday, December 7, 2020

‘We’re not gonna take this!’: Antifa goons find out quick they crashed the wrong anti-lockdown protest

Have you ever seen an Antifa thug get wrecked by an American pro-Trump flag? If not, prepare to see exactly that.

A genuinely peaceful anti-lockdown, pro-business protest in Washington turned violent Saturday after left-wing extremists showed up and began causing trouble. But as is almost always the case whenever left-wing extremists come face to face with real men, they got wrecked — they got wrecked badly.

The protest was organized by state Rep. Vicki Kraft, a Republican who’s been fighting on behalf of the countless struggling businesses that have sustained losses because of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s draconian coronavirus lockdown rules.

“Right now, there are safe ways to reopen business. We’ve all been shopping at grocery stores, many have gone into Home Depot, Lowe’s Home Improvement store since the very beginning of all of this,” she said Friday in a radio show interview.

“The bottom line is we can do this safely, and it’s time, because if we don’t, our way of living and our way of economic structure will change for the worst. … So that’s what this event is designed to do is to focus on helping to make that happen.”
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Sounds reasonable, no? Yet the protest/rally, which predictably featured a large number of pro-police, pro-Trump supporters, inspired so-called “anti-fascist” left-wing extremists to show up and stir trouble, as usual.

But instead of stirring trouble, they FOUND some trouble.

Watch footage from the protest below, and take note of the flag being wielded as a weapon by the guy in the yellow/greenish sweater (*Graphic content):

The behavior of the left-wing extremists received virtually zero mainstream media coverage. Instead, the demonstrably biased press fixated on the arrest of...

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  1. see? They respond to the proper behavioral modifiers..

  2. Someone sprays you with bear spray you have every right to put a round in their chest. That's the only thing that's gonna' deter them.


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