90 Miles From Tyranny : Are Mitch McConnell and His Wife Financially Tied to Communist China?

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Are Mitch McConnell and His Wife Financially Tied to Communist China?

Following the money has always been the surest way to finding where a politician’s true loyalties lie.

Peter Schweizer, a senior contributor for Breitbart and author of such exposés as Clinton Cash and Profiles in Corruption, said on Fox News’ The Next Revolution that McConnell’s “position on China has softened over the years,” a change Schweizer attributed to the growing relationship between the Chinese government and the Chao family’s company.

“Really, it goes to the fact that Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao, his wife, are financially tied to the Chinese government,” Schweizer explained. “And it comes through the shipbuilding company that Elaine Chao’s family owns. That relationship was forged in December of 1993 when James Chao, Elaine Chao’s father, Elaine Chao, and the new son-in-law, Senator Mitch McConnell, visited Beijing, China, at the invitation of the China state shipbuilding corporation.”

“This was a coup to Beijing because Tiananmen square had happened just four years earlier. Very few high officials went there,” the author continued. “The result of that meeting and the deals that followed is that today the Chinese government finances the construction of the ships for the shipbuilding company, they build the ships, they provide the crews for the ship, and they provide the cargo for the ship.”

He went on to explain that Beijing could immediately end its dealings with the shipbuilding corporation if it wanted to, which would be bad for McConnell. The Chinese government, according to Schweizer, only does business with this corporation because of McConnell’s role as a powerful U.S. Senator.

“So, the Chinese government could pull the plug tomorrow on this business. And the reason they’re doing business with them, let’s make it clear, is because Mitch McConnell is a very powerful figure in Washington, D.C. And the problem is … that his position on China has softened over the years the closer that this commercial relationship has become, and he’s a direct beneficiary of what this business does.”

Per Schweizer, this is the “strategy” communist China uses around the world. “They seek out political elites and give them commercial deals,” he said, adding that the McConnells are “wedded to the Chinese. They don’t want to anger the Chinese because they could destroy their families financially.”

McConnell will remain Majority Leader until noon on January 20, with the inauguration of Joe Biden. Kamala Harris’ ascendance to the vice presidency will give Democrats (due to the vice president’s role as president of the Senate with tie-breaking ability) the voting majority they need to assume control of the chamber.

As The New American has previously reported, McConnell is apparently pleased with the impeachment of President Trump, seeing it as a way to purge the party of him.

Nevertheless, in the battle for the hearts of Republican voters, Donald Trump remains the unquestioned victor. Polling shows that a solid majority of the base still supports the president’s recent behavior and would like him to be the 2024 presidential candidate.

It should be noted that McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, was until recently President Trump’s secretary of transportation. She resigned from the post in response to the Capitol breach on January 6.

“Yesterday our country experienced a traumatic and entirely avoidable event as supporters of the President stormed the Capitol following a rally he addressed,” wrote Chao in a letter to colleagues in the Department of Transportation. “As I’m sure is the case with many of you, it has deeply troubled me in a way that I simply cannot set aside.”

McConnell has shown himself to be, if anything, an astute and cunning politician who knows how to stay at the center of Washington politics and use the influence of his office for his own financial benefit, constantly winning over the...

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  1. I am shocked to learn this about 'ol Mitch and his ChiCom mamason. Just shocked I say. He has always appeared to be so trustworthy.


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