90 Miles From Tyranny : Grassroots Leaders Send Final Warning to GOP Establishment: Rejecting Trump Means Death of Republican Party

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Grassroots Leaders Send Final Warning to GOP Establishment: Rejecting Trump Means Death of Republican Party

The Republican establishment can choose Trump or political suicide.
As the Republican Party establishment contemplates rejecting President Trump after he leaves office, the conservative grassroots are issuing a final warning that this decision means political suicide.

Texas conservative activists Maria Espinoza and Tim Lyng, who each co-founded The Remembrance Project in 2009 to bring attention to victims of illegal immigrant crime, penned a letter about the state of the GOP. They provided a copy of the letter to Big League Politics.

“The massive election fraud perpetrated to unseat our president was nothing less than a coup d’etat. Clearly, while Trump took the hit, this was an attack against all who dare challenge the establishment, and dare support an America First agenda that threatens both Democrat and Republican Chinese Communist Party-owned politicians. And there are many,” Espinoza and Lyng wrote in their scathing letter.

They called out former Bush chief of staff Karl Rove, former House speaker Paul Ryan, the Lincoln Project’s “notorious alleged homosexual predator” John Weaver, and other establishment Republicans for working to turn the dial back on Trump’s MAGA revolution in the Republican Party. Espinoza and Lyng hope that a truly America First party to rises to displace the GOP.

“An America First Party, led by Trump, would be the political springboard to reignite true American passion for all who value their God-given freedoms, who realize they have been sold-out to the Communist Chinese; and who recognize that now’s the time to hold onto the greatest country in the world and placing all...

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  1. They think we will crawl back... Fuck-em.. For-fucking-ever.

    1. the GOP is dead, they are too stupid to see it. Fuck em.

  2. Agreed. Absolutely no votes ever for these Republican traitors. In fact, I believe the vote theft was a joint effort of both parties.

  3. If you let them impeach trump; then they will come after you, the Republican Senators and take you out one by one.

  4. Had a live phone solicitation this evening from the National Republican Party asking for donation to fight Pelosi. Told her the party should’ve fought for Trump and not happy with any in DC. Even my Congressman and Senator blamed last week’s riots on Trump. Told her the party needed to do some serious soul-searching and that’s what she could take back to DC.

  5. Here's great idea. Let's vote out the RINOs in 2022! Should be a snap since they only comprise about 95% of the party in DC. Oh we might miss a few and of course Mitch will be there for another 6 years but what the hey huh?

    And for sures some rascally GOPe types might try to infiltrate the Patriot party, knock me over with a feather, lets just shitcan the whole idea of trying to bring together everyone of any stripe whose #1 priority is America First and work on picking up the Republican turd on the clean end. Cause that's so much more realistic. And doable.

    Where were ANY of these Republicans the last 4 years while President Trump was taking arrows from Day 1? Oh yeah, holding "investigations" with big mouths like Jim "thanx google" Jordan asking really loud questions. And what changed? Who was arrested? I'll tell you who, Roger Stone. By van loads of FBI agents who alerted CNN so they could film the takedown. And who was prosecuted for that? yeah

    I will NEVER vote for another Republican. A vote for Tom Cotten IS a vote for McConnell. If Mark Crawford, a conservative in AR-1 runs as a Republican, I will vote for the dem. I will do this all the way down the ticket. Maybe some will get the message but 1 thing is clear, DECADES of voting for lies and back stabbing by these bastards is over for me.


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