90 Miles From Tyranny : Rush Limbaugh Slams Biden Over Inauguration Speech: 'What Happened To Unity?'

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Rush Limbaugh Slams Biden Over Inauguration Speech: 'What Happened To Unity?'

Conservative radio legend, Rush Limbaugh, seemed to take issue with the speech delivered by President Joe Biden on Wednesday during his scaled-down inauguration ceremony.

According to the Washington Examiner, Limbaugh wasn’t thrilled at Biden’s subtle suggestion that half of America was made up of white supremacists and domestic terrorists just because they happened to be supporters of Donald Trump.

“What happened to unity?” Limbaugh said. “This is not how you go about achieving unity. He has just insulted the 74, 75 million people (who) did not vote for him. … ‘They are white supremacists. They’re domestic terrorists, political extremists, and we’re gonna defeat ’em!'”

As you’ll recall, the mainstream media quickly painted a disgusting narrative painting all Trump supporters in a broad stroke after the tragic events that took place on Capitol Hill, which is asinine given the fact that a few hundred bad actors out of hundreds of thousands of people were responsible for the violent actions that day.

The media actors are diligently attempting to paint all Trump supporters — especially those who happen to be caucasian — as...

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  1. Joe, ( and I apologize to ever other Joe for using that name. ) after four years of constant insults and attack you want UNITY ! Unity is not given. It must be earned.

  2. Unity is hard to achieve when 50% of the population is not allowed to participate in that conversation.
    What did the twits and facebook say about the purge? roughly "we have to purge these people in order to preserve the public conversation"?

    Unity is being defined as subjugation. "You will do as we tell you, you will think as we tell you and all your base belong to us"

  3. "He just insulted the 80-85 million Americans who voted for him, and whose votes were stolen or invalidated enough to give him the election."

    There. Fixed it for Rush. Since nobody seems to still be talking about the almost 5 to 10 million stolen or lost or uncounted votes that would have given Trump four more years.

    Yes, I understand that Rush has to now tread a fine line against the National Socialist Democratic Party of America. After all, snitches are everywhere.


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