90 Miles From Tyranny : GOP pigs go full 'Animal Farm' and stab Trump in the back

Thursday, January 21, 2021

GOP pigs go full 'Animal Farm' and stab Trump in the back

Scarcely had Donald Trump even packed his last bags and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was already throwing his final daggers at the president’s back, cutting deals with the Democrats, meeting behind closed doors with Sen. Chuck Schumer.

It’s the final step.

The “four legs good, two legs bad” has successfully shifted to “four legs better.”

For those who aren’t familiar: The phrases come from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” the fictional account of a barnyard uprising against the oppressive humans. The rebellion, buoyed by the phrase “four legs good, two legs bad” — as a means of keeping the identity of the enemy simple, for the more simple-minded farm animals — is successful, and the humans are subdued. Ultimately, the pigs, who regard themselves as smarter and more worthy than the rest on the farm, begin to speak of the humans in friendly terms; begin to dominate their fellow animals; and finally, begin to walk on hind legs and surround themselves with trained guard dogs — to the great astonishment and fear of their fellow four-leggers. The propaganda push then becomes one of “four legs good, two legs better,” and a dramatic final scene sees one of the farm animals peering through a window, observing pigs and humans seated at a table, but unable to separate pig from human.

It’s the story of Trump’s presidency.

What’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Trump rose to power on promises of Make America Great Again and vows to put America First — meaning, American citizens first. And he did. He ticked off the Democrats. He ticked off the globalists. He ticked off the Democrat-leaning, globalist-minded Republicans.

Republicans, in fact, were among his worst political enemies for the length of his entire presidency. Remember his starting days, when he had a Republican-controlled Senate, a Republican-controlled House, and Republicans refused to work to pass his agenda, forcing him to turn to executive orders, instead? When Trump refused to back down and bow down and do the elitist political thing and work with the globalists, his Republican enemies changed tactics and simply quieted down a bit. They worked with the president; actually, they pretended to work with the president.

As it now shows, as it’s now proven with the 10 “off with his head” pro-impeachment, anti-Trump Republicans — they simply pretended to work with the president, biding their time, waiting their days, to take revenge.

These Republicans were the pigs.

They were the pigs in power working with their human counterparts in the Democratic Party, pigs who could not accept how someone like Trump — ugh! — could possibly get elected, never mind lead the country. They were pigs in power who thought they knew better than Trump and the American people, and of late, 75 million American voters, so they resisted his agenda, both openly and...

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