90 Miles From Tyranny : Shop Here Or Be Queer....

Monday, March 15, 2021

Shop Here Or Be Queer....

When I Shop At A Store, I Do Not Care What The Race Of The Owner Is. But If You Put Up A Sign And Say This Is A Non-White Business, I Will Go Out Of My Way To Not Shop There.

I Am Supposed To Shop At A Non-White Store To Virtual Signal Or To Be Socially Acceptable? I Do Not Want To Know The Race Of The Business Owner Because It Does Not Matter, It Should Not Matter. 

I Want A Quality Product At A Good Price And Not Have To Drive Too Far To Get There. Please Don't Make Me Drive Farther Away To AVOID Your Store.



  1. I do not support racist stores.

  2. I looked up "black only organizations" a few years ago and found approx. fifty of them. Compare that to the "white only"....Look it up..!


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