90 Miles From Tyranny : Police: Georgia Gunman Blamed Massage Parlors For His Sex Addiction, Shooting NOT Racially Motivated

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Police: Georgia Gunman Blamed Massage Parlors For His Sex Addiction, Shooting NOT Racially Motivated

..And The Media So Wanted This "Hate Crime"

The shooting in Georgia on Tuesday night was not an "anti-Asian hate crime" targeting "salons" and "spas" as the media and Democrat politicians claimed.

From The Daily Mail, "God-fearing Georgia gunman, 21, targeted three massage parlors because he blamed them for his sex addiction as cops say his deadly shooting spree was NOT racially motivated":
The God-fearing gunman who killed eight people at three Georgia massage parlors on Tuesday targeted the locations because he'd visited them before and blamed them for his sex addiction, cops revealed on Wednesday morning.

Robert Aaron Long, 21, shot dead eight people including six Asian women at three parlors - one in Acworth and two in Atlanta - on Tuesday.

He then went on the run and was driving to Florida to target more locations when he was arrested 150 miles south of Atlanta.

On Wednesday, police said that contrary to initial reports, the attacks were not racially motivated but that Long had told them he was addicted to sex an wanted to remove the 'temptation' of the parlors.

They say he saw the parlors as an 'outlet' for his sex addiction but they wouldn't clarify if he had ever engaged in sex acts with any of the staff there.

He was planning on driving to Florida to attack more locations when he was caught and those Florida locations were somehow connected to pornography.

'He claims that it was not racially motivated.

'He has an issue that he considers a sex addiction and sees these locations as something that allows him to go to these places... it's a temptation for him that he wanted to...

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livemidwesterner said...

tell me one time a democrat let facts get in the way of their agenda

Noor al Haqiqa said...

The Communists are so eager to get that race war going ..... Orientals have been victimized more this last year but from what I have seen, by Brown folks primarily. Again, what do facts matter?

JD said...

If it was racially motivated, would the murderous ass-hat not target any other business in the close area that had a similar racial make-up, rather than just attacking discrete locations that are hundreds of miles away?

or is that too complicated for the media?

Mrfender said...

Watching the local Atlanta "news" and they dug in hard on the racial issue.