90 Miles From Tyranny : Bill Maher Says U.S. Has Lost To China Because of U.S. "Wokeism" and "Culture Wars"

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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Bill Maher Says U.S. Has Lost To China Because of U.S. "Wokeism" and "Culture Wars"

Bill Maher stands against his leftist colleagues in a rant on his HBO show calling Americans a “silly people” that are losing the battle for the 21st Century. He uses the famous line from Lawrence of Arabia to prove the point that Americans – intent on “staying a bunch of squabbling tribes” – will “remain a silly people.”

Maher said, “Do you know who doesn’t care that there is a stereotype of a Chinese man in a Dr. Seuss book? China.” The HBO host said that “all 1.4 billion [Chinese] could give a crouching tiger flying f**k because they are not a silly people.” He said that Chinese people wouldn’t care about this because they are “serious as a prison fight.”

The host said that China “does bad stuff” as he lightly touches on the horrific human rights abuses happening the China’s Uyghur population, saying, “they put Uyghurs in camps and punish dissent.” Maher said that Americans “don’t want to be [China], but there’s gotta be something between an authoritarian government – that tells everyone what to do – and a representative government that can’t do anything at all.”

His ultra-liberal crowd is sticking with him still at this point, wildly clapping for the “crouching tiger” comment and his views on our ineffective government. Maher claims that Americans are widely ignoring China’s dominance in 5G, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure. “Half the country is having a never-ending “woke” competition deciding [what gender Mr. Potato Head will be] and the other half believes we have to stop the lizard people because they’re eating babies. We are a silly people,” retorts Maher.

“Nothing ever moves in this impacted colon of a country,” says Maher as he remarks that our government can’t handle fixing the problems that Americans agree on because “we see a problem and we ignore it; lie about it; fight about it; endlessly litigate it; sunset clause it; kick it down the road, and then write a bill or a half a...

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