90 Miles From Tyranny : Covid relief bill helps fund illegal immigration...

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Monday, March 15, 2021

Covid relief bill helps fund illegal immigration...

The former trade advisor Peter Navarro explained on Justice with Jeanine last night that a good deal of the $1.9 trillion bailout/payoff bill goes to special interests. Those special interests include far-left groups that are encouraging and ushering illegal aliens to the United States.

He also told host Jeanine Pirro that sanctuary cities not only protect illegal aliens, they give them everything a citizen gets.

The Left literally doesn’t care if they are criminals or terrorists.

As Nancy Pelosi hands out $1400 of their own tax money to many Americans, she takes away about $6,000 in new taxes for many, and more for others. This is a case of legerdemain. Depending on whether you talk about direct or indirect COV relief, only 9% to maybe 40% goes to COV relief. And there is no relief until next year at the earliest. The so-called ‘relief’ continues until 2024.

It also does bailout irresponsible local governments cities and states.


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Dan Patterson said...

Useless propaganda spewing fucks.