90 Miles From Tyranny : Twitter Bans Posting Any Links From BitChute as “Harmful”

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Monday, March 15, 2021

Twitter Bans Posting Any Links From BitChute as “Harmful”

Big Tech platform Twitter has blocked posting any content from video streaming service BitChute, with an Orwellian prompt displaying any time that any user tries to post a BitChute link.

Twitter doesn’t identify who their “partners” who made the censorship demand. The censorship tactic applies to all content posted from BitChute, essentially locking off one of the Internet’s largest streaming services from Twitter.

This represents a Soviet-style internet, in which the free flow of information is blocked off on grounds of political repression. This tactic may very well amount to anti-competitive practices, and could land Twitter in court, with legal challenges to the Big Tech platform’s monopoly growing.

Twitter even disabled previews of BitChute content in the user’s own tweet drafts on Friday, seeking to deplatform the service from sight on Twitter. BitChute has attracted a diverse range of viewers tired of YouTube’s censorship, including libertarian vlogger Styxhexxenhammer666. It’s the primary competitor to Rumble, another free speech video streaming platform.

Content from BitChute can still be posted on Gab, a free speech social media network that allows its users to criticize US oligarchs and ruling elites without fear of...

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Scott said...

commie bastards.

May they ALL burn for what they're doing...