90 Miles From Tyranny : Canadian Pastor Arrested for ‘Inciting’ People to Attend Church

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Monday, May 10, 2021

Canadian Pastor Arrested for ‘Inciting’ People to Attend Church


The Canadian Gestapo were smart this time. Instead of breaking into and swarming Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s church — as they previously did during an Easter weekend service, only to be appropriately shamed and heckled out of the place — this time the Canadian Gestapo waited until after Saturday services to arrest Pawlowski, and did so on a public highway.

Naturally, the Gestapo treated him like he was Scarface. Multiple officers and at least four police cruisers were involved:

Pawlowski was arrested for violating Canada’s fascist and anti-science laws against gatherings during the coronavirus outbreak. These restrictions are in place in Canada (and in many places here in the U.S.) despite the fact fully-opened states like Texas and Florida allow people to go back to normal and have done so while keeping their China Virus cases in line with lockdown states.

The arrest of Pawlowski and his brother occurred just days after Canada’s Health Gestapo “obtained a Court of Queen’s Bench Order that applies to gatherings, including protests, demonstrations and rallies,” Fox News reported.

“The order imposes new restrictions on organizers of protests and demonstrations, requiring compliance with public health orders including masking, physical distancing, and attendance limits[.]”

Yeah, let’s see what happens when the domestic terrorists in the Canadian branch of Black Lives Matter decide to get together again.

Canada has become so openly fascist, Pawlowski is the second pastor arrested by the Canadian Gestapo. Back in February, the Canadian Gestapo arrested Rev. James Coates of GraceLife Church of Edmonton after he...

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1 comment:

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Pawlowski is a bad man. He feeds the hungry and houses the poor; a very honest Christian. An enemy of Communism; the ruling class of Canada.

The government has been after him for the crime of feeding street people for years.

Since he addresses these issues through the eyes of one who has already suffered under communism, they triply want to shut him up.

Here on my island, to go up Island you must go over a long rather steep mountain. They posted RCMP to check travelers to see if there is a reason for leaving the lower Island! No visits with Grandma up in Nanaimo!