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Thursday, May 13, 2021

This Isn't Completely True:

ADT Security Systems Has A Long History Of Discriminating Against Black Actors Who Specialize In Home Invasions, They Refuse To Allow Them To Exercise Their Acting Skills To Act Like They Are Breaking Into Someone's House.



  1. When they do sneak Whitey back on T.V. commercials, be assured that they will still be depicted as bumbling dolts incapable of performing normal daily tasks.

  2. Ah, what they did to men only is also getting women in the bum? If just whites, currently. Are... any whites watching tv? My bet is the numbers are crushingly small. Bitter grapes? I would bet.

  3. Why should they include whites when there are so many gorgeous, accomplished, politically correct women of colour to fill so many gaps? 85% of advertising is now woke including everyone at the expense of our people. Gay males are ... of course... welcome...the only white males other than a few bumbling oafs.

  4. Liberty Mutual thinks we are "entertained" by the white guy selling wet teddy bears.


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