90 Miles From Tyranny : Coming To Florida?

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Coming To Florida?

 We Shouldn't Need 'Em, But We Still Pack'n Em


  1. 2,363,898 as of April 30th. That is not-so-close number of all the licenses issued since 1987: 4,924,585

  2. A Texas license is valid in Florida and you can bet I exercised the right during my recent vacation there. I guess I'll have to get a Florida License if Texas goes to constitutional carry.

  3. Our County Sheriff has openly asked all law-abiding citizens to arm themselves, practice, and be ready to defend oneself and neighbors if need be. We have a polite population, a low crime rate, and concealed carry. I like to think they're intertwined.

  4. Who would spend money making that sign without having it spell-checked? It kinda undercuts the message. Amirite?


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