90 Miles From Tyranny : While China Plots War, Biden’s Military Goes Woke

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

While China Plots War, Biden’s Military Goes Woke

Electric cars, critical race theory, and defeatism.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has called for a "new vision" for the military even if no one, including him, can explain what it is. Austin has been touting something he calls "Integrated Deterrence" a buzzword that seems to involve AI, the State Department, and some sort of new way of war. But mostly it means that war is a silly idea and that no one should fight wars.

"The cornerstone of America's defense is still deterrence, ensuring that our adversaries understand the folly of outright conflict," Austin declared in his big Pearl Harbor speech.

The problem, for the last 70 years, is that Americans see war as folly, but our enemies do not. And Austin, who headed up Obama’s disastrous retooling of the Iraq War which turned over half the country to Iran and the other half to ISIS, ought to know that better than anyone else.

There's a massive gap between Patton's "Americans play to win all the time" and Austin's insistence that, "the costs and risks of aggression are out of line with any conceivable benefit."

Iran certainly doesn’t think so and Obama and Austin didn’t give it any reason to think differently.

We end up fighting endless wars because we get into them to deter rather than to defeat the enemy. Our leaders believe wars are a terrible idea, and so they never set out to win one. Instead they stumble into wars and wait around for our enemies to be deterred by our determination to fight them to a stalemate until we give up and go home. And then do it again.

But if the military isn’t for winning, what is it for? Austin’s "Integrated Deterrence" means the military playing second fiddle to the State Department. He argues that the “U.S. military isn’t meant to stand apart, but to buttress U.S. diplomacy” and work with other federal agencies.

Austin already knows to defer to the State Department because he was a member of Secretary of State Blinken’s Pine Island Capital gang whose people now dominate foreign policy.

And integration means Austin serving on Biden's task force to promote labor organizing.

What does any of that have to do with the military? A better question might be what Biden and Austin’s woke new military has to do with the military.

In his 100 days review, Austin claimed that his first priority was sexual assault. While rape and any crime in the military should be dealt with, it sends a ridiculous message to our enemies when that's the top priority of the U.S. defense chief. ”Sexual assault is a problem that plagues us. It is a readiness issue. It is a leadership issue. We're going to lead real change for real results,” Austin ranted. Somehow I doubt China’s military bosses are focusing on crime issues.

After sexual assault there was extremism and vaccine rates: all of which are political priorities.

But Austin came into office defining the coronavirus as our greatest national security challenge. And then declaring global warming to be an “existential threat” that he intended to meet by “electrifying our own vehicle fleets." Because what the military really needs is electric cars that won’t function when the temperature drops or the charging stations are too far away.

While the Pentagon is focusing on leftist politics...

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JD said...

that there is no push-back from the senior staff indicates that if there is ever another republican president, his first action should be to fire everyone over colonel...