90 Miles From Tyranny : Detroit News Station’s Appeal For Stories About Unvaccinated Loved Ones Dying of COVID Gets an Unexpected Response

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Detroit News Station’s Appeal For Stories About Unvaccinated Loved Ones Dying of COVID Gets an Unexpected Response

A Detroit News station’s Facebook query about COVID-19 got an unexpected response when users swamped their comment section with stories that directly contradicted their desired narrative.

“After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19?” WXYZ-TV inquired in the Sept. 10 post. “If you’re willing to share your family’s story, please DM us your contact information. We may reach out for a story we’re working on.”

After WXYZ-TV posted its appeal for stories about unvaccinated loved ones dying of COVID, something remarkable happened.

Thousands of Facebook users shared stories describing alarming vaccine side effects, or posted about fully vaxed loved ones dying of the coronavirus. The viral post appears to have become a popular forum for victims of the vaccines to share their stories.

“My daughter 33 years old died 10 days after getting the shot,” wrote one distraught mother. “She had a enlarged heart and she had a terminal lung disease pulmonary hypertension!”

“My mother passed away 3 weeks ago from covid… she was fully vaxxed back in January,” another woman wrote.

Below is a small sampling from the thousands of Facebook comments that describe severe events that happened after vaccination.

– “My son’s classmate lost her mother from heart complications due to the vaccine.”

– “my grandmother in law passed from J&J. Blood clot to her heart in less than 24 hours after getting it.”

– “My sister (VERY liberal and pro-vax!) is disabled now after her Moderna vaccine, and symptoms are worsening by the day. She may not survive.”😞

– “yes like my neighbor Larry Ray. His life has been altered terribly and now he wishes he never took the vaccine.”

– “I’m one of those. I’m 44 and went into cardiac arrest and died 2 times less than 2 weeks after getting the shot….ironic???? Coincendal? Hmmmm.”

– “I know someone who had a heart attack after the first dose, & isn’t getting the second. I also know someone who died from the vaccine… let’s tell THOSE stories!”

– “A friend of a parent went into cardiac arrest almost immediately after receiving second dose. They were unable to revive her.”

– “I also know of someone who lost a limb due to a blood clot/circulation issue after being fully vaccinated.”

– “I know someone who was FULLY Vaccinated and always wore their mask; they were recently in ICU and passed away.”

– “My uncle suffered a stroke due to blood clots and complications days after his second chot. Would you please do a story about all these reactions?

– I know of three people who have been hospitalized since April-ish. All 3 were fully vaccinated.

– My parent’s neighbor woke up the next morning after the shot suddenly completely deaf. His doctor told him it’s from the vaccine and if his hearing didn’t return within a few weeks he will be permanently deaf. He is now permanently deaf.

– Our rabbi’s mentor (a very prestigious rabbi) was recovering from covid in a rehab facility. He was doing well, walking and about to be discharged home. The facility forced him to take the vaccine because it became their policy, even though he refused. He immediately developed paralysis in one arm. They then forced the second shot on him, he refused again, but the facility insisted. After the 2nd shot he developed complete, progressive paralysis and died.

– My Dad started having problems after his first shot. But was bound and determined to get second shot. He died 5 days after second shot of a massive heart attack 😢 He had no known heart problems before!

As of Monday evening, the post had 80,000 comments, and the vast majority of them appeared to be critical of the vaccines.

WXYZ-TV ran a story on Monday about an unvaccinated (and obese) 53-year-old grandmother who was...

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