90 Miles From Tyranny : The most damning article about vaccines yet

Thursday, September 16, 2021

The most damning article about vaccines yet

British doctors now openly beg for more lockdowns because they say they can’t rely on vaccines

This new piece from Reuters - hardly a outpost of anti-vax fanaticism - should terrify vaccine advocates.

And, honestly, scare the rest of us.

A reminder: Britain has pursued a mass vaccination strategy as aggressively as any country. It approved Pfizer’s vaccine even before the FDA. More than 80% of Britons over 16 are now fully vaccinated.

But Britain is in far worse shape than it was at this time last year, when no one was vaccinated. It is now averaging about 140 deaths a day, roughly 10 times as many as mid-September 2020. And hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise.

But Britain - which had a very strict and economically damaging lockdown last year - has essentially given up on lockdowns and other national control measures. Over the weekend, or even dropped the plan for a vaccine passport (though it has since backtracked a bit).

Now Reuters reports British physicians are warning the vaccines don’t work well enough to allow the country to return to normal:

The piece is an unfortunate exercise in unintentional irony, as when it sincerely refers to the “success” of vaccinations two paragraphs after explaining that “relying largely on vaccines… could put unintentional pressure on hospitals.”

And then there’s this:

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  1. Well, fortunately we here in the USA, and especially those in states such as CA and NY, have seen this coming trend well enough to mandate all healthcare providers to get the vaccines or lose their job. Now, we'll have about 30-40% fewer nurses and physicians to treat the Covid cases this year.

    Isn't THAT brilliant?!

  2. I just don't know: do these figures account for the tremendous number of "invaders from elsewhere" entering Britain on a daily basis? Do our figures account for the "invaders" coming over the southern border?
    Sorry! I'm unable to call them "immigrants". When you enter any country without going through the legal process that's been established for many decades you're not an "immigrant" even when the POTUS gives orders to fly you to other states.

  3. A 'Vaccine' to a pandemic is what oxygen is to a fire.
    Was i the only one that paid attention in school?


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