90 Miles From Tyranny : The Greatest Existential Threat to America

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Greatest Existential Threat to America

Anti-white racism and ignorant attacks on the American founding, not “white supremacy” and “domestic extremism,” constitute the greatest threats we face.

Our secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin—the man who presided over the worst, most incompetent, most humiliating military defeat in the history of our nation—is black. Of course, he’s black. He was appointed by Joe Biden to display the wonderful diversity of the most progressive president in history. He wasn’t chosen because he was a brilliant military leader (obviously). He was chosen because he was a political hack ready and willing to embrace even the most suicidal left-wing policies. Left-wing policies are by their very nature suicidal because the defining characteristic of the Left is that it hates America and wants to “dismantle” it and replace it with the left-wing fantasy of a socially just future.

In February, with the deadline for withdrawal in Afghanistan a bare three months away, General Austin was not ordering a military alert to prepare for what was going to be a major humanitarian and military reckoning. Instead, he was ordering a military “stand down” to indoctrinate all America’s troops in Black Lives Matter hate white people and hate America propaganda.

In passing, may I note that 85 percent of the troops who gave their lives in Afghanistan to protect America and to give the Afghan people (and women especially) the right to breathe free were white? So much for actual diversity.

Diversity training in practice is a racist scam whose promoters have the hateful mentality and low IQ level of the Jim Crow bubbas of the past. Their goal is to demonize white Americans and (white) America, and to promote an anti-American agenda that strikes at the heart of a soldier’s military oath to defend the Constitution. Here is a dose of the beliefs that our soldiers were being indoctrinated in during the two-month stand down during the run-up to the Afghanistan catastrophe:

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