90 Miles From Tyranny : Belgium: ‘Accidentally’ beheaded by an illegal migrant

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Belgium: ‘Accidentally’ beheaded by an illegal migrant

Mohammed Dahmane must answer for having fatally stabbed Mégane, 22, on March 9 2020 in Droixhe. He allegedly stabbed her "in the throat", a euphemism for beheading a victim, as we have seen in the case of French teacher Samuel Paty. The system media has been defending the perpetrator.

The migrant is known by various aliases, most notably under the name of Youcef Bendhad. This whole affair began when Mégane’s lifeless body was found on a sidewalk in Droixhe, in the town of Liège. On the day of the incident, the young woman was in a squat with three men including Mohammed Dahmane and his companion.

Both the companion of the young woman and Mohammed Dahmane were staying illegally on Belgian territory. According to witnesses, an argument broke out between Mohammed Dahmane and Mégane’s companion. According to Mégane’s companion, the argument started because the young girl had refused Dahmane’s advances, which the latter refutes. The three were involved in a drug deal, according to sources.

After these facts, Mohammed Dahmane fled. He then went to another squat where he also assaulted a man “by stabbing him in the throat”. The latter was luckier than Mégane and managed to survive this assault, according to French daily DHnet. The suspect then fled to several European countries before being arrested in July 2020 in Spain.

But the mainstream media in Belgium reported on the beheading with the headline that the “theory of an accident could not be ruled out” in the case of...

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