90 Miles From Tyranny : More Than a Third of White Students Lie About Their Race in College Admissions

Monday, October 25, 2021

More Than a Third of White Students Lie About Their Race in College Admissions

The fruit of anti-white racism.

Recent polling indicates that over a third of white students lie about their race in college admissions, indicating that young Americans are seeking strategies to avoid being negatively impacted by left-wing and anti-white racism on the part of American colleges and universities.

A July survey from Intelligent that polled 1,650 white college prospects indicated that 34% of students lied about their race and ethnicity to make themselves more competitive in applying for college admissions and financial aid at universities. 81% of the students that admitted falsely indicating a non-European race or ethnicity said they hoped to improve their chances at grants and admissions, recognizing the pervasive preference for non-white students on the part of colleges and universities.

Nearly half of white men admitted to claiming to be another race in college admissions. White women were less likely to do so, with affirmative action benefits continuing to grant privileges to females even as they increasingly outnumber men on college campuses.

A majority of the students who falsely claimed non-European identity in college admissions described being Native American. A significant percentage of European Americans have partial Native American ancestry, although enrollment into a tribal organization and Native American identity tend to be more elusive.

White students aren’t the only demographic affected by racism in college admissions, with evidence indicating Asian students are also...

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  1. My older daughter is Eurasian and was blessed with great beauty... and brains. Was playing calculus at a young age. She ended up in university getting her BSc in Maths and Sciences. Over the years she was offered SO MANY opportunities to take advantage of her Asian status for one thing or another ~ as a way to get extra advantages due to her skin tone. She refused them all. Every single one. She wanted to leave those opportunities to those she felt really needed them. Also she is a woman who cannot turn down and intellectual challenge. Now she is completing her PhD for "free" with no loans due but that is because she is working hard in academia for it.

    Considering she was raised on welfare in a wealthy neighbourhood, I would say she was not really a child of privilege but she did understand VALUES and ethics.


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