Friday, October 29, 2021


Thursday, FNC host Tucker Carlson discussed an effort to push for so-called reparations to be paid out to illegal immigrants.

Carlson cited a report from The Wall Street Journal that the Department of Health and Human Services under President Joe Biden was considering payments that could amount to “$1 million per family.”

According to Carlson, the Biden White House had made some “crazy” proposals, but he called the reparations report “the high-water mark of political lunacy.”

Transcript as follows:
CARLSON: It’s a bewildering experience working in cable news right now. Fun, but pretty unbelievable.

Just about every morning, as we’re putting this show together, some story from the Biden White House crosses our screens and we think to ourselves, “Come on, there’s absolutely no way that can be real, please. It’s just too crazy.”

And of course, pretty much every morning, what we had assumed was a joke turns out to be entirely real. It is actually happening. The Biden demonstration really is that crazy.

They really are firing thousands of nurses in the middle of a pandemic, firing thousands of cops in the middle of a crime wave. No, they’re not kidding, even in the slightest when they tell you, that’s a genuine female four-star Admiral standing right there.

Joe Biden isn’t giggling. He tells you Rachel Levine’s promotion is a victory for women everywhere, and he means it when he says it. He means all of these things, even the ones he doesn’t understand, which is most.

As the guy who runs The Babylon Bee told us recently, it is getting tough to run a parody site in this country. No matter how creative your jokes may be, it is almost impossible to be more ludicrous than reality already is.
And yet, even by those impossibly high standards, we can confidently announce tonight that we have just read the single most deranged news story ever printed in this country. So, no matter what happens going forward, and God knows what that will be, this story will live forever as the high-water mark of political lunacy. Mark your calendars. It’s October 28, 2021. This is the day that things couldn’t possibly get nuttier, and here it is.

According to a piece in this afternoon’s Wall Street Journal, the Biden administration has decided to pay reparations to illegal aliens. In other words, foreigners who came here without invitation, who came in willful violation of legal statutes passed by our Congress per our Constitution, those people are about to get a groveling apology and huge amounts of cash. Why? Because our government dared to enforce its own laws, which now apparently is immoral.

So the Biden White House is going to pay criminals for committing crimes.

It’s almost impossible to believe that’s real, but it is real. According to The Journal, the administration plans to, quote: “Offer immigrant families that were separated during the Trump administration around $450,000.00 a person in compensation. The U.S. Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering payments that could amount to close to $1 million per family.”

A million dollars per family for illegal aliens at exactly the moment that American families are becoming noticeably poorer by the day.

You will be surprised to learn according to the paper that nearly a thousand reparations claims have already been filed. Why not? The total payout from all this, more than a billion dollars.

So how much is that exactly? Well, let’s see.

If you’re an American citizen who is killed in a war defending your country, our government promises to send your family $100,000. That is less than a quarter of what Joe Biden intends to give illegal aliens for the inconvenience of being deported. They are once again getting $450,000 a piece from your tax receipts. That’s more than some of the 9/11 victims got. It’s more than any ordinary American ever gets for anything from the U.S. government. Most people in this country, just give.

Foreigners with no respect for our laws or systems, meanwhile, are hitting the jackpot. So, take three steps back. You’ve got to wonder how long this sort of thing can continue. How long before the people who make this country...

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