90 Miles From Tyranny : Eloi and Morlocks in Portlandia

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Eloi and Morlocks in Portlandia

9-year-old Hadar Kedem was playing with her father, brother, and family dog in a Portland city park when the gunmen came and the bullets began flying.

“They huddled up into this group and we thought they were going to do a race or something, but instead they pulled out guns and started shooting and then I got really scared,” the little girl told the Portland City Council. “There was a bullet that shot like four or five feet away from my right..”

The exchange of gunfire between over a dozen men was just one of the gang shootings that delivered Portland to what its police chief called a “grim milestone” of 1,000 shootings.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the police defunding movement had taken Portland from 388 shootings in 2019 to over 1,000 this year. Murders in Rose City rose by 83% breaking its previous high score set in 1987. As the Black Lives Matter race riots got underway, Portland went from 23 shootings in March 2020 to 104 by July of that same year. By March 2021, there were 93 shootings. Gone were the pleasant days of 2019 when Portlanders might complain about 30 shootings. The summer of 2021 saw around 400 shootings: more than in all of 2019.

Rose City Park with its cedars and rose gardens located right next to a golf course is exactly the sort of amenity that its upscale residents moved there for. Now it’s a brutal war zone.

But trapped in their woke fantasies, the city’s Eloi can’t come to terms with what’s happening.

Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem, Hadar’s mother, an “insectional feminist” who “dismantles patriarchy”, and advocated for “Palestinian rights”, denounced her daughter’s “white privilege”.

“We are a white family of privilege,” the leftist hipster artist confessed. “No one in our family wants to see the result of this be more police presence at parks. That’s not the answer.”

What was the answer?

Gugenheim insisted that instead of police, the solution to a dozen men opening fire in the park was dealing with root causes, "services for disadvantaged communities", "education", "gun control", and "a task force of people with equity training to tackle the issue of gun violence".

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who had called for defunding the police before calling the police on her Lyft driver when he asked her to leave his car, welcomed...

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  1. "the solution to a dozen men opening fire in the park was dealing with root causes"

    The ONLY solution is return overwhelming fire in their direction.

    1. I love it!!!! It's gonna happen, not there, but going to happen!

  2. I wonder who her parents voted for on that board?

  3. You can take Portland out of the oven. It's done.


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