90 Miles From Tyranny : 'They Covered His Face and Body with Human Feces'

Thursday, October 28, 2021

'They Covered His Face and Body with Human Feces'

The abuses Muslims inflicted on Christians in the span of just one month.

The following are among the abuses Muslims inflicted on Christians throughout the month of September 2021:

Muslim Slaughter of Christians

Afghanistan: Muslims linked to the Islamic State murdered four Christians. While trying to escape the country, a Christian family was intercepted by the jihadists. According to a local source, “ISIS asked them, ‘we have tape about you that you are no longer Muslims. So is it true that you are not Muslim?’ They said, ‘Yes, we are not Muslims anymore. We are Christians.’ So the men of this family were killed at the spot. The children and women, they let them go.”

Also and in keeping with what several international human rights groups are warning, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote an article in which he expressed his concern that a “genocide” of Christians is brewing in Afghanistan:

[T]he humanitarian crisis that is developing as the Taliban returns to power is likely to become a genocide against Christians if the Biden Administration does not act…. [T]he Taliban’s persecution of Afghan Christians … is now only just beginning. There are at least as many Christians in Afghanistan today as there are stranded Americans. Given that many of them are Muslim converts—a crime punishable by death under the dictates of Shariah Law which the Taliban has openly embraced—the possibility of there being a genocide against Christians in the wake of this withdrawal is extremely high. Already, the Taliban is compiling lists of known Christians and their communities. They are going door to door searching Afghan homes for Bibles, even searching smartphones for Bible apps. Afghan Christians are being forced to flee the country, and it should be a priority of the United States government to do what it can to get them out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, if the Biden Administration cannot even manage to get Americans out, there is scant hope they can be trusted to protect religious freedom as well.

Israel: A Muslim man murdered his own mother because she converted to Christianity. According to the Sept. 27 report,

A 27-year-old man from northern Israel was charged on Monday [9/27] with murdering his mother and hiding her body last month, after she converted from Islam to Orthodox Christianity.

According to the charge sheet, Rasha Muklasha, 46, left her husband and severed ties with her five children — including the suspect, Muad Hib — in 2006. She then moved from the town of Zarzir to Nof HaGalil and converted to Christianity.

Recently, she resumed contact with her children following the death of her ex-husband. Prosecutors allege that her conversion, which greatly angered Hib, was the motive for the murder.

According to the indictment, the murder was premediated, with Hib setting up a meeting with his mother on August 5 near Nazareth with the intention of killing her and disposing of her remains.

After picking up Muklasha in his car, he ‘strangled the deceased with a rope or his hands, alone or with others, with the intention of causing her death,’ the court documents said.

He buried her body along the Jordan River, where it was later discovered and led to the son’s arrest.

Uganda: Muslims targeted and killed Dante Tambika, a 19-year-old Christian youth and son of a deceased evangelist. According to his friend Stephen, who survived the attack, on Aug. 31, he, Dante, and two other friends were walking toward a lake where they planned to do some fishing when suddenly five Muslim teenagers started following and accosting them. “They tried to provoke us by calling us infidels and saying that they were going to crush us just like Allah did to those who used to attack their prophet, Muhammad,” Stephen said. The four Christians did not respond, reached the lake, boarded a boat, and went fishing. Two hours later, they returned to shore only to find the same Muslims standing there, with one shouting “Allah Akbar [Allah is greater].” “From nowhere we saw six other Muslims approaching our fishing boat, furious and uttering defaming words against us,” continues Stephen. “I told my friends that we were in trouble and that each of us should prepare for self-defense. I led them in prayers.” The Muslims came in close and one of them jumped into the boat and began beating Dante with a stick: “He commanded us to believe in Allah, or else they will kill us. Dante replied that we can’t renounce Christianity, saying, ‘If you want to kill us, kill us, know that we are ready.’” In response, more Muslims jumped into and swarmed the boat. Dante’s three friends jumped into the water, swam for shore, and ran for help. When they returned with assistance, the jihadists had fled. Dante’s body was later found floating in the water; he had been “beaten on the head, tied with a rope and strangled.” According to the report,

[Dante] Tambika’s father had mentored his son in how to share the gospel, and area Muslims began monitoring Tambika’s movements after he led five teenage Muslims to Christ, sources said. His father had led a community leader and about 30 other Muslims to Christ before he died in 2019. The conversions led to confrontations with clan members, and several former Muslims who put their faith in Christ left the area due to threats on their lives, sources said.


Some of the more notable slaughters of Christians and destruction of their churches to occur during the month of September follow:

According to a Sept. 21 report, in one state alone, Muslim Fulani herdsmen slaughtered 50 Christians—including several women (at least two of whom were pregnant) and children; they also destroyed 254 homes and attacked seven churches. Discussing these massacres, Dominic Gambo Yahaya, a local leader of the Christians in the affected areas, said,
The unrestrained violence unleashed on poor, defenseless, innocent Christian farmers of Atyap land has reached a sorry state that no farmer can venture out to the farmland, as the chances of returning home alive are very slim… We are under siege of terror attacks from herdsmen, as the Muslim Fulani community that lives with the Atyap Christians have been seizing the Christians from their farms to kill them… We allowed the Fulani Muslims who are migrants to settle among us on our lands for free. Now, Christians who welcomed and accommodated them have become targets of their attacks.
On Sunday, Sept. 26, Muslims butchered 44 Christians in coordinated attacks on three Christian communities in Kaduna State. Many of those killed were women and children, “slaughtered like rams to be used for barbecue,” to quote one witness. During these jihads, a Christian church was also invaded; in it, one worshipper was killed and several wounded. Pastor Matthew Atayi of that church described what happened:

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